When Deepika Padukone stepped out of her comfort zone in Cocktail: 'Veronica influenced me professionally and personally'

Deepika Padukone's character Veronica in Cocktail was a game changer for her. As the film completes 10 years since its release today, Deepika looks back on the special role. When Deepika Padukone made the audience swoon over her stylish entrance on 'Angrezi Beat' in Cocktail, we knew the role was out of her comfort zone then. . Deepika was offered the role of Meera in the film but chose Veronica as she believed that Meera was similar to her Love Aaj Kal character. This single decision changed the course of Deepika's career.

Veronica was nothing Deepika was in real life. Veronika was fiery, wild and fierce. But deep down she had an emotional core that longed for love and friendship. Deepika was intrigued by her uniqueness. She put her faith in the role, which was written by Imtiaz Ali, who directed her in Love Aaj Kal and later Tamasha.

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