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Raja, a visually impaired young man, vows to protect Lucky after a robber tries to kill him. Impressed by her courage, Lucky loves Raja. Now you can watch this movie here:

Just before the release of the OB35 update on Free Fire MAX, if any new player starts playing this game, they should learn and follow our tips and tricks. By doing this, you can stay alive to the end and win the game.

Free Fire Max is one of the best war games, the madness of which has skyrocketed in India over the past few days. After the ban on PUBG Mobile, many players started playing Free Fire. The Indian government again shut down Free Fire earlier this year, but its updated version, Free Fire Max, is still being played in India and can be played by gamers using the Cell ID on which they were playing Free Fire.

Now the new OB35 update is coming to Free Fire Max. Engineers at Free Fire Max continue to release new updates from time to time and this time it is an OB35 update. In that case, if you have just started playing Free Fire Max or you will, you should read our article.

You must first take care of where you live on the map. Do not jump immediately when the map starts. If you do this, you will be killed immediately. As you disembark from the plane, you should remember that your arrival should be in an empty area only. It allows most players to get off the plane first and then reach a remote area. This will prevent enemies from finding you quickly and will give you more time to recover and understand the game.

The first thing you should do is gather weapons as soon as you get on a plane, because if an enemy comes in front of you, only a weapon can save you from them. You will find many weapons in any house or nearby area. You collect them and keep them with you. Remember that you must collect at least a sniper, shotgun and other items such as a sword or a knife.

Players must have good weapons to avoid dangerous gunfights that occur in the game. Weapons in Free Fire MAX are divided into two parts. This includes a vest and a helmet. The vest protects the players from body shots and the helmet protects the head.

Bombs can be powerful in a game, but flashbangs are a real MPV. They can be used to blind enemies and disrupt the moment. During this time period, players can shoot bullets and kill them easily.