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About Anupamaa:

Anupamaa, who parts with her ambitions and goals in a bid to raise her family, feels dejected when she fails to get any credit for her sacrifices and trials. She then decides to live on her own terms.

Nupama's marriage to Anuj Kapadia has taken to Twitter. Several fan accounts have shared photos and videos from dream time on social media and fun posts. They also share unspoken moments from the wedding ceremony. Fans were thrilled to see the cute couple and highly praised the reel couple. Hashtags like #RupaliGanguly, #AnujKapadia, #Anupamaa and #MaAnKiShaadi occur in the top Twitter trends.

In one of the clips, Sudhanshu Pandey's character Vanraj is also seen watching as Anuj ties a mangalsutra around Anupama's neck. In Anupamaa, Rupali writes the title role, Gaurav plays Anuj while Sudhanshu is seen as Vanraj, Anupama's ex-husband.