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What’s Nobru’s Free Fire MAX ID? Stats, real name, and monthly income

 Bruno “Nobru” Goes is a global icon in the Free Fire community. His team, Corinthians, won the Free Fire World Series 2019, and Nobru was even named MVP of the tournament. Since then, he has made a name for himself and even finished fourth in the Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore.

Additionally, it is an effective content provider, with a total subscription of 13.3 million which seems to be increasing every month. YouTuber uploads game play videos that gather good fans.

Nobru has participated in 11815 team games and has added 2463 wins with a winning percentage of 20.84%. He received 29588 termination, keeping a murder rate of 3.16.

He scored 407 winning points in 2778 games, resulting in a winning score of 14.65%. The technician fitted a 9112 kill bag in this mode, receiving a K / D rating of 3.84.

YouTuber has 4974 single games on its credit and has performed better than the entire playground 751 times, keeping a winning rate of 15.09%. Reduced 20225 opponents, which is in line with the K / D of 4.79.

Bruno has played six team games and has not won yet. With 19 kills, he kept the K / D average of 3.17.

The broadcaster played one duo game but did not get killed or won.

The internet star took part in 40 individual games and came out on top of eight of these, resulting in a 20% winning rate. He outscored 199 rivals with a K / D rating of 6.22.

Nobru is a member of Fluxo Gaming, the leader of one of his most popular YouTube organizations called Cerol. He achieved Diamond 3 in BR Ranked but placed in Bronze 1 in CS Ranked mode.

Social Blade estimates that Nobru's monthly income is $ 1.8K to $ 28.3K. Annual estimates are between $ 21.2K and $ 339.7K.

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